John Palacios received his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in 1986 from San Jose State University in San Jose, California. He worked for several years in the San Francisco Bay Area before relocating to the Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon in 1992, where he currently resides.

Palacios has worked in several fields within the Graphic Arts industry over the years. He has been both a production artist (in the B.C. era -- before computers, that is) and a graphic designer. When computers became the overwhelming tool of choice in the industry, he transferred all his skill and experience to the Macintosh computer system. His studio remains exclusively "Mac-powered" since 1991. Most of his work career has been as a freelance artist for other design studios and for several small to midsize companies.

In the last several years he has specialized in traditional illustration. He works primarily in acrylic and watercolor, but is comfortable with most media. Many of these projects have been for children's entertainment and educational products. Some clients include the Oregon Children's Theatre in Portland, Oregon; the San Jose Children's Theatre in California; Primary Concepts Educational Products in Berkely, California and most recently, Rigby's "On our Way to English" program, a part of Harcourt's Supplemental Publishers group in Illinois.